Behind The Scenes

In 2011, the production crew was welcomed into the Pol family and staff’s daily lives and since then it has been a virtual non-stop whirlwind of adventures. In a typical day at work, Dr. Pol and his staff see a constant influx of animal clients at the clinic and numerous emergencies out on the farm. Now add in being followed by a crew of 25 individuals including producers, camera operators, lighting and sound engineers documenting your every move… now that keeps things interesting!

The Incredible Dr. Pol crew is made up of individuals from every corner of the country (as far as the Virgin Islands) ranging in age from recent college graduates to seasoned industry veterans. Read on for their exclusive, behind-the-scenes perspective of what it is like to make the series that you enjoy on your TV screen each week.

Dr. Pol Exclusive! Production Blogs

Safety First!

On my first day on the job for “The Incredible Dr. Pol,” Charles Pol handed me a packet with a list of common farm animals that they see at the clinic. “Read this over, my dad takes this pretty seriously.” Read The Article…

The Pol-mobile

Dr. Pol drives a 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee.  I like to call it the Pol-mobile. It’s come to play a special part of The Incredible Dr. Pol show.  Read The Article…

Keeping It ‘Real’ in Reality TV

Not only do we deal with the aspects of the job that are actually in the official job description, like hounding people for personal releases, driving across the map, and helping out every single member of the crew, but we are also in for a much harder job than most production gigs. Read The Article…