Merry Christmas & Happy Pol-idays!

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The Incredible Dr. Polcast – Ep. 6: No Lights, Just Cameras

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Big Brothers Big Sisters

Are you a Dr. Pol “Super Fan”? Support a great cause for a chance to win a weekend in Michigan and Meet Dr. Pol!

Want to meet Dr. Pol and support a great cause? Here is your chance! Big Brothers Big Sisters of the Great Lakes Bay Region are auctioning off the Dr. Pol “Super […]

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Noahs Bark

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Media Logger on The Incredible Dr. Pol Season Three

By Stephanie Ellis-Meehan:

Working with the post-production team as a media logger on The Incredible Dr. Pol season three has opened my eyes to the vastness of footage and number of stories collected for a production like this. The primary objective of a logger is to review all the footage as it comes in from the […]

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Safety First!

By Pete Berg, Field Producer:

On my first day on the job for “The Incredible Dr. Pol,” Charles Pol handed me a packet with a list of common farm animals that they see at the clinic. “Read this over, my dad takes this pretty seriously.”

I looked down to find a photo of an angry-looking bull, […]

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Dodging Bulls and Chasing Pols: The Filming of “The Incredible Dr. Pol”

By Pete Berg, Field Producer:

Working on “The Incredible Dr. Pol” is an adrenaline rush. At its heart, it is a show about medical emergencies…so every day, time is of the essence, and life is on the line.

Our TV crew finds ourselves chasing a 70-year-old at 80 mph on back roads in Michigan, hopping into […]

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Dr. Pol by the Numbers

By Pete Berg, Field Producer:

A lot of people have asked me how much footage we shoot to make an episode of “The Incredible Dr. Pol,” and the answer I typically give them is: A LOT.

Pol Veterinary Services is a real clinic, and there are often as many 100 cases a day, plus as many as […]

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Camera Operator on “The Incredible Dr. Pol” Season 3

By Brian Stevens – Camera Operator:

Central Michigan. Mid Summer. Late Afternoon. Temperature 102 degrees. Humidity 95%

The emergency call comes in around 5:00pm as the clinic is preparing to close. A dairy farmer in a town 45 miles away has a heifer that is having trouble calving twins. Dr. Brenda is on call and our camera […]

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Production on ‘The Incredible Dr. Pol’ Season 3

Bye Colin Shea:

From being in production for various years I have grown accustomed to the roles that every member of a film crew plays in making a successful television program. There are camera operators, assistant cameramen, sound recordists, production assistants, field producers, the list goes on, and the bigger a production gets the bigger the […]

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