Hats Off to American Dairy Farmers

Having grown up on a dairy farm in the Netherlands, Dr. Pol has a deep understanding and appreciation for life as a farmer.  Add 40 years of experience working as a large animal veterinarian serving local dairy farmers and it’s obvious that Dr. Pol has tremendous respect for the hardworking people who he believes are the backbone of America.

Five Reasons Dairy Farmers are the Heart and Soul of America

1- A Dairy Farmer Can Do It All

In addition to managing milk production from cows, dairy farmers have a wide variety of responsibilities. They have employees to manage and when necessary are construction workers, mechanics and even engineers. To keep their farm successful dairy farmers also must be business experts handling everything from bookkeeping to public relations. They are also educators with many local farms happily conducting tours and hosting events that provide opportunities for people to see how a farm works. All of this to keep their farm producing the milk we put on our dinner tables every night.

2- Observers of the Circle of Life

Farmers and their families experience miracles on a daily basis. From watching the splendor of crops rising from the Earth to welcoming calves into our world, farmers are first-hand observers and active participants in the Circle of Life.

Whether working through the fierceness of weather that can nourish or destroy the harvest in one season or saying a sad farewell to a family farm horse, farmers face life and death every day as they continue to work through it all, knowing they are providing our country with a valuable resource – food.

3- Understanding and Respecting Mother Nature

Even the most organized farmer must patiently and respectfully wait for Mother Nature. The calf is going to come when it’s ready and it’s going to take as long as needed to make its arrival. The rain that was forecasted doesn’t come as planned and so new plans must be made. Patience is definitely an essential virtue held by farmers in America’s heartland.

4- The First Environmentalists

Every day is Earth Day for farmers who have unique relationship with the land. Most people don’t realize the strong commitment farmers have to sustainability. Managing and taking care of acres and acres of land for pastures, crops and animals requires environmental stewardship. It’s understandable then to realize that farmers place a high priority on maintaining their land in a way that is sustainable and beneficial for the environment. Dairy farmers are great examples of people who are leading the way in utilizing safe practices so our Earth can be responsibly farmed for generations.

5- 100% Committed

Working on a dairy farm is difficult work. There’s no taking time off because it’s too hot or too cold . . . or you’re sick. Farmer’s work in the pouring rain and through whatever else Mother Nature throws at them. The cows don’t care if it’s a holiday. They need to be milked. Farmers don’t work every day to further their careers, they do it because this is their way of life. They put everything they have into their farms – financially, physically and emotionally. It’s not just WHAT they do, It’s WHO they are. They are proud American Farmers and we tip our hats to them.

The Final Word from Dr. Pol. . .

“Some of the hardest working most dedicated people I’ve ever met are farmers. They raise and grow the food that feeds our families without asking for much in return. Holy cow, they really are the back bone of this country!”

33 years with the Doc.