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A new season of “The Incredible Dr. Pol”!

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Dr. Pol Brings his Wits, Brains and Charm as He Tirelessly Cares for Every Family Pet and Head of Livestock in Need of His Expertise and Kindness

Nat Geo WILD’s No.1 Series The Incredible Dr. Pol

ReturnsSaturday, August 17, at 9 PM ET/PT

(WASHINGTON, D.C. — July 12, 2013) His day isn’t complete unless he’s checked a cow for pregnancy or helped a goat with pneumonia.  Yeah, not your normal workday, but it’s all in a day’s work for seasoned veterinarian, Dr. Pol. Nat Geo WILD’s No. 1 series The Incredible Dr. Pol returns for its fourth season, on Saturday, August 17, at 9 PM ET/PT to treat rural Michigan’s finest furry friends, including horses, pigs, cows, sheep, alpacas, cats and dogs. With his get down and dirty approach to veterinary medicine, it is clear that illness isn’t resting—and neither is Dr. Pol (For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter at

America’s favorite Dutch vet comes to the rescue, taking on cases that are vital to the community’s livelihood.  Between a cow with a twisted stomach, a calf with an oversized mouth, and a horse with a wounded leg, it is clear Dr. Pol is in high demand.  We’ll join the good doctor, as he travels around icy Michigan country side making house calls to a variety of farm animals. Regardless of their size or condition, if they are kicking or biting, Dr. Pol is the man with the goods to heal. The local legend and his team do everything they can to cure the sick animals, no matter how hard they resist.

This season, back from LA and armed with a beard for insulation against the cold winter, Dr. Pol’s son Charles comes home to help his parents and Dr. Brenda with the clinic. As always, Dr. Pol and his trusty team are ready for anything and everything that comes their way. We’ll see Dr. Pol cure two calves of mysterious mutations, fish for a toy in a cat’s stomach, and save the career of a money-making racehorse by fixing his wounded leg.  Whether its rushing to save a bloodhound hit by a car or helping a 10-month-old horse who cut his leg on a rusty trailer, one thing is for sure—Dr. Pol has more stamina than a horse! We’ll reveal why this charismatic senior citizen is truly a veterinary legend.  

Premiere episodes include:

The Incredible Dr. Pol: Pol’s Plunge         

Premieres Saturday, August 17, at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Dr. Pol’s son Charles returns home from sunny L.A. to help his dad with the workload, but the good doctor has a treat for him.  He challenges Charles to take part in the local Special Olympics charity event, the Polar Plunge, where participants dive into an icy lake in the height of winter.  As Charles attempts to squirm out of his commitment, Dr. Pol races to a farm call to check on a horse that’s showing irregular symptoms.  The owner anxiously awaits test results, as she is worried she may lose her favorite horse.  Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda discovers a cow is having respiratory issues and has twisted its stomach, which must be fixed immediately.  Finally, Dr. Pol must race out on an emergency farm call to help a young racehorse who has severely wounded his leg, jeopardizing his racing career and possibly his life.  Dr. Pol quickly moves into action to numb the leg so he can carefully sew the wound.  Only time will tell if the horse will ever be able to run again.

The Incredible Dr. Pol: Charles in Charge   

Premieres Saturday, August 24, at 9 p.m. ET/PT   

After successfully handling a cow with a twisted stomach, a rabbit with overgrown teeth, and a complicated foal delivery, Dr. and Mrs. Pol head off to their much needed vacation. Taking care of his patients is Dr. Brenda, who tends to Debo, a rambunctious escape artist dog who has broken his foot in four places. Will she be able to help Debo recover?  But that’s not all, she also aids a cow that may have slipped on ice and a cat with a toy in its intestines. Eager to help, Charles goes on a farm call with Dr. Brenda to check on a baby goat with pneumonia. However, when he tries to lend a hand around the house and with the office’s clerical duties, he leaves a path of destruction in his wake.

The Incredible Dr. Pol: Baby, It’s Cold Outside 

Premieres Saturday, August 31, at 9 p.m. ET/PT

Roses are red, violets are blue, when animals go crazy, Dr. Pol knows what to do. For Dr. Pol, Valentine’s Day means flipping a cow upside down to fix his stomach, de-worming a champion goose, and curing the relentless cough of Zev, the Siberian Huskie. Now, that’s love.  Inspired by Zev the huskie, Charles takes a shot at driving a sled dog team, but realizes that mushing isn’t as easy as it seems. Meanwhile, Dr. Brenda dehorns a group of loud, but loveable pygmy goat babies. Feeling lonely on this romantic day, Charles finds love when he adopts an adorable puppy—a Great Dane to be exact.  No more cold nights!



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“National Geographic is actually doing it; they are bringing back a modern day James Herriot! Here comes the premiere of The Incredible Dr. Pol, Saturday, October 29, at 9 and 10 pm ET/PT on Nat Geo WILD. (I wanted to be the Dr. Pol for Nat Geo but by the time I replied to an  email about the search for a vet I was way too late)”.


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