The Dr Pol Family

Meet the Pol Family

Meet the Pol Family

Dr Pol

Dr. Jan Pol

Dr. Jan (Ya-n) Pol is not your typical veterinarian. Born and raised in the Netherlands on his family’s dairy farm, he is the charismatic and world-renowned star of Nat Geo WILD’s #1 hit series, The Incredible Dr. Pol.

In The Incredible Dr. Pol, viewers have the opportunity to watch Dr. Pol travel across rural Michigan, as he tirelessly cares for every family pet and herd of livestock in need of his expertise and kindness. Unflappable and unstoppable, Dr. Pol routinely puts in 14-hour days making farm calls and treating patients in his very busy clinic. In its 24th season, you can view all The Incredible Dr. Pol shows streaming on Nat Geo WILD, Disney+, Hulu, ABC Network, YouTube, Apple TV and Prime.

How it all began…

As the youngest of six children growing up in the Netherlands, the pre-doctorate Jan Pol lived among dairy cows, sheep, pigs, chickens, geese, turkeys, rabbits, dogs and Friesian horses. An enthusiastic and naturally inclined scholar, he graduated from the prestigious Utrecht University Veterinary program in 1970 and began his career working for a local vet in Harbor Beach, Michigan. Eager to begin his own practice, he and his wife Diane started their own animal clinic, Pol Veterinary Services, in Weidman, Michigan in 1981, out of their garage. The business continued to grow and they, along with their 10 employees, have treated hundreds of thousands of patients since opening their doors.

Dr. Pol continues to be active with his local philanthropic organizations 4-H and FFA (Future Farmers of America), non-profit charities that help teach young adults how to take proper care of animals. He believes that children who are taught to take care of animals at a young age make better adults.

Dr. Pol and Chicken
Animals with Heart (Desktop) About Dr. Pol

Diane Pol

She’s his right-hand woman. His one and only love. His best friend. Diane Pol is not only Dr. Pol’s wife, but after more than 55 years of marriage, they are an incredible team.

From an early age, Diane has had a love of animals, and she grew up with a variety of family pets including dogs, cats, ducks, chickens, rabbits and a wood even a wood chuck. In 1961 during her senior year of high school, Diane’s family hosted an 18-year-old exchange student from the Netherlands named Jan Pol. Jan and Diane’s friendship developed through their shared love for animals. Although Jan returned to the Netherlands at the end of the school year, their friendship continued, and love blossomed.

They married in 1967 and Diane taught elementary school in the Netherlands while Jan completed his veterinary studies. Upon graduation, they returned to the U.S. Diane taught elementary school and the young Dr. Pol began his veterinary career in Michigan.

Eager to begin their own veterinary practice, Dr. Pol and Diane opened Pol Veterinary Services (PVS), in 1981 out of their garage. Their business continued to grow and they, along with their PVS team, have since serviced over 500,000 patients.

They opened their clinic doors to Nat Geo WILD in 2011. This was the start of what would become the network’s decade-long #1 hit series, The Incredible Dr. Pol.

Diane continues to work tirelessly as the clinic Office Manager. She and Jan also continue to share their love for animals. They have a menagerie of family pets including a Great Dane, Saint Bernard, Newfoundland, Friesian horses, cats, peacocks, chickens, ducks and tropical fish. Cats, however, are still Diane’s favorite animal!

the incredible pol farm show
dr pol and charles

Charles Pol

Charles Pol grew up in central Michigan surrounded by animals and his father’s beloved veterinary work. Instead of a future following in his dad’s footsteps, however, Charles dreamed of working in television from an early age.

After finishing film school at the University of Miami, he moved to Los Angeles. From Sydney Pollack’s Mirage Enterprises to Creative Director for Booya Studios, to Director of Operations for Nickelodeon’s live action division, to co-creating and producing a two-episode pilot, Charles realized that the “real character” is the one he grew up with, his father, Dr. Jan Pol.

Little did Charles know that his return to Michigan as co-creator and executive producer of “The Incredible Dr. Pol” would last more than a dozen years and 24 seasons. He also didn’t realize that living through a pandemic and spending all this time with his father visiting farms across central Michigan would lead to his biggest adventure yet: starting his own family farm.

With his wife, Beth, and their two children at his side, Charles has pulled on his muck boots, fixed the fencing and fired up the old tractor along with his intrepid brother-in-law, to find true farm life. And ever the creative, Charles as creator and executive producer, shares the ups and downs of their journey with the world in “The Incredible Pol Farm.”


After years of travel and cosmopolitan living across the US and abroad, Beth returned to Michigan to be near her family. Shortly thereafter, she was reunited with her childhood friend, Charles Pol. They embarked on an adult romance, and it didn’t take long for them to envision a future together. They married in 2018 and are now raising two young children and a variety of animals.

Despite being a “fish out of water” with country living, Beth is passionate about making their farm good for the planet. From soil to structures, from planting to poo, Beth works hard to learn, grow and manage their resources and environmental impact – all with a cheerful attitude, infectious laugh and can-do mindset.

beth and abigail
the incredible pol farm

A new spin-off series, The Incredible Pol Farm, launched on Nat Geo WILD in January of 2024. Three generations of The Pol Family have joined forces to take on their biggest mission yet:  building a 350-acre family farm from the ground up in Central Michigan! Hobby farming has exploded over the last few years, and the new show is a fun and hilarious take on the trials and tribulations that come with starting your own family farm!

Dr. Pol has also created a successful line of dog and cat foods and healthy treats, large and small animal feeds, pet accessories and wellness! Plus, the veterinarian shares his vast experiences and lively anecdotes in his best-selling book, NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON AN ANGUS COW: My Life as a Country Vet. More information can be found right here on!