Dr. Pol Barrel O’ Braids Rope Tug Dog Toy

Your dog will love playtime with the Dr. Pol Barrel O’ Braids Rope Toy!  Made of twisted rope and three braided strands wide, your dog will play for hours. The Dr. Pol dog toy is durable and is great for all dogs, including teething puppies and adult dogs who like to chew. Play often with your pup, knowing that with Dr. Pol’s dog toys, every happy pup during playtime is a healthy one!

  • A washable rope toy made of three twisted rope strands
  • Designed for all dogs, from puppies that are teething to large dogs that like to chew
  • Ready for rough and tough play with you and your dog
  • Helps promote good dental hygiene through a rope toy that flosses your dog’s teeth as it chews
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